One day down

I have survived the first day. Also – and probably a more important detail, this – so have Minnie and Baxter.
Admittedly there have been no real challenges yet. Despite my fears after Helen’s work decided her first day back should be marked with a meeting at half past stupid that left me to do the entire breakfast/washing/tooth-brushing/dressing routine on my own, I coped. I even managed to get myself dressed (I’d been warned that failure to achieve that is frowned upon at the school gates…)
In fact it all went so smoothly this morning that I felt sure the only way I could have been ready so early was if I had forgotten something significant. Rather than spend too long worrying about whether I was sending her to school without pants (I wasn’t, I promise) we used the bonus time for a brief impromptu disco before we set off.
Admittedly Minnie left the house with the worst arranged hair since she started at the nursery, but I am lacking the requisite life experience to be able to achieve much with two Hello Kitty hairclips. Fortunately the winter weather allowed me to stick a hat on her after I’d completely botched it, allowing me to blame the Emo Philips look on over-snug headwear rather than my own incompetence when other mums cast quizzical looks my way.
Minnie has also started to rationalise the new arrangement in her own way, calling me “Mummy” throughout breakfast and telling me that “Mummy is now Daddy.”
Any cuteness was more than canceled out by her following up with “Mummy, where’s your hair gone?”
Two weeks ago she asked me “Daddy, why is there a hole in your hair?” and her references to my advancing baldness have become more frequent since.
I guess my opportunity to spend more time with her will also be her opportunity to get more digs in about my insecurities. Maybe this wasn’t a great idea after all.

2 thoughts on “One day down

  1. JC, I’m loving your narrative. Every time you self-efface i am reassured in the actual, all-knowing face of our five-month-old. Hello Kitty = child prison slang…

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