Brother from another muff, er…

We own a fleecy thing that attaches to Baxter’s buggy and keeps him warm in the winter. It’s the one-size-fits-all generic stripey design that you get in John Lewis.
You’ve probably seen them; you may even own one. They are called footmuffs and are available here (I earn no commission from any sales).
Every little cherub in East Dulwich seems to have the same one. As a result I will often see other buggies with them while pushing Baxter around. And every time I do I have an overwhelming compulsion to peer into my buggy and double-check that it is my son looking back at me.
I apparently need to confirm to myself that I haven’t just picked up the wrong – albeit identically upholstered – buggy at some spot, having chosen one based on the stripes on the blanket rather than the child inside. I’d like to blame this on that footmuff’s ubiquity, but I suppose, even if all buggies were identical in every way, I should still reasonably be expected to check the identity of the child inside before wheeling away.
Rest assured I haven’t yet been so focused on the buggy’s accoutrements that I have ignored the secondary detail of whether it is my son in it. There have been no inadvertent kidnappings. I am not yet on any register. But a part of my brain clearly knows it is a possibility.
I guess the only consolation is that, as long as I am not oblivious to the possibility I am capable of making such an oversight, complacency won’t be creeping in.

One thought on “Brother from another muff, er…

  1. A better headline Jon, and when I say better, I mean sensational and head-snapping – would have been: Baxter, John Lewis and a kidnapping…(in other words your key SEO phrases)
    And just like all great newspapers – the fact that it doesn’t reflect the article is really neither here nor there –

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